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Become the 
CREATOR of your life

Discover how Reiki can help you leverage universal energy to manifest the life you truly desire 

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Create a bridge between the universe and the life of your dreams

You know how every year you set a list of goals to achieve. And you know how as the year goes by, you either forget about those goals or consistently make yourself feel bad about not achieving them? Wouldn't you want an easier life? I am a Reiki Master Teacher, I teach people to draw energy from the universe to attain the life you know you can have. Whether its changing jobs, making more money, finding your purpose, healing personal relationships, dissolving internal conflict or moving past trauma - Reiki is the energy of the universe, constantly connecting you to your highest potential.
Wellness Coach

What exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy just like electricity. Reiki is the practice of you placing universal energy back into your system so that your body can use it to heal itself and manifest your desires.

Today, our personal energy is being zapped at every moment. People report feeling fatigue on a daily basis. Burnout is becoming the norm. Practicing Reiki is like going to a power socket to recharge your internal batteries. Because when your batterries are recharched, you are vibrating at a higher frequency. Then you get to design your life by choice. 

Reiki Treatment

What will you experience?

A change in vibration - Experience what life is like when you are supported by an infinite source of energy.

Greater Awareness - Experience how reiki can guide you towards the path of least resistance. 

Unexpected outcomes at unexpected speeds - Get ready to be wowed! 


Meet Darvinya

Hi, I'm Darvinya! I help people connect to the infinite power within themselves through Reiki. 

I started my Reiki journey as someone who was looking for a solution to anxiety and depression and instead of a quick fix, I found meaning to my life. Today I spend my time helping people improve their lives by increasing the energy they have in their everyday lives. it is amazing what we can do and how much better we feel when we have access to an abundance of positive energy! 

Reiki IS for you if..... 

You find yourself in a cycle of frustration, dissatisfaction & hopelessness
You constantly feel like you do not have enough time and energy to do all the things you need to
You having the same arguments again & again & again with your self or with someone else
You are constantly make plans and find yourself too afraid to start, slipping into a cycle of procrastination
You know you have issues/past traumas to release but you don't want to talk about it
You tried meditation before and found it too tough to keep still
You are searching for greater purpose and meaning to life
You constantly feel misunderstood by other people and desperately want to feel like you belong

Reiki is NOT for you if..... 

You are looking for a quick fix. 

You are not ready to let go of your troubles 

You feel uncomfortable or guarded by reading this page

You’re not open and ready to explore possibilities outside your comfort zone

Start your Reiki journey in 3 simple steps?

Whether you’re looking for a deep transformation or an experience of Reiki,

we specialize in providing systems and solutions that fit your lifestyle.

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Book a consult

This is our time to get to know you and your vibe. Once we determine where you are and walk through your goals, we’ll create a customized energetics plan to match your needs.

Recieve an Estimate.png

Recieve an estimate

We break it down by service, providing a quote with options of the paths you can take to beginning your reiki journey.

Schedule your service.png

Schedule your service

Once you have decided on your desired path, sit back, relax, and let Reiki work it's magic.

REIKI: The truth about energy healing nobody wants you to know

Reiki : The truth about energy healing nobody wants you to know

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